An Introduction

On The Block Real Estate International concentrates on Educating Buyers and Sellers of property to make the Right Financial Choices for themselves and the families. We are not Salespeople. We are Educators. We inform, educate and teach all property Sellers and Buyers about how to properly market their properties.


Our Mission

Our ongoing mission is to provide the highest level of service to our clients to help them when buying or selling. We aim to assist you in making the best real estate decision possible based on your needs.


We could be your best friend, but if we were dog groomers, you probably wouldn’t want us doing your real estate work . Our team has spent over 10 years studying, learning, and acclimating ourselves to your needs. So let us worry about the real estate side.

What Our Clients Said About Us

Ernesto from On the Block Real Estate was excellent and efficient on getting my first house. He took the time to ask what kind of house we were looking for and the budget that we wanted to stay under…at the end we ended up getting our number one picked thanks to him. We recommend On The Block Real Estate because they really help you find the perfect home in an efficient and fast way.

Ruben and Yexenia

Highland, CA

Don and the On The Block Real Estate group were amazing. They have assisted us in 3 transactions, and we have referred him to multiple clients, all who are extremely happy.

C Duarte

Downey, CA

Don has made me financially stable for life by finding me 3 income properties in Long Beach. I have great tenants, great properties, and have referred him to many clients who have bought properties from Don and On The Block Real Estate, all whom are satisfied.

A Toro

Long Beach, CA

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